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We want to take the credit of your coolest kid becoming the smartest! Let’s make them not know the definition of heavy school bags and insecurities. My Institute brings an active and smart learning platform.

I’ve five fingers. So do you! But none are equal. Neither mine nor yours. So is our Teachers and learners expecting different elevations to elevate their and our society’s living standards. My institute’s K-12 platform awards you a “Kindergarten through twelve” learning environment to equitably scale student achievement

Online Education

Interactive Whiteboard

A whiteboard is one of the most important organizing features in a classroom, whether offline or online. We present you the Virtual Classroom LMS Platform service where you can write, annotate, explain, brainstorm, and collate ideas using a whiteboard. Our whiteboard feature is already integrated with the facilities that meet all your requirements. We make it more interactive to enhance the learning experience for users and provide editing and record facility. You won’t face any limitations while using whiteboards, it’s a daunting tool for the students and e-Learners. It also helps to create new opportunities and enhance the intellectual level of students at a different note.

Breakout rooms

We deal with the issues of privacy, Our Breakout Rooms are enriched with the facilities like it provides a separate room or group enrolled with a number of users. There you can add random users related to your project and you can even chat, share audio, video, or any documents with them thoroughly. On the other hand, with the use of Breakout Rooms, the presenter can create as many groups as needed. This feature adds an extra qualification and professionalism in Virtual Classroom LMS Platform in the walk of business success.

LMS for Schools

LMS for College

Live Recording

    Most virtual classrooms, nowadays, offer live recording features but the flip side is that recording happens on your device. This means it consumes your internet bandwidth and the quality of the live streaming more likely goes for a toss. Keeping this thought in mind we help you with the advanced virtual classroom LMS Platform. It offers server-side recording capabilities that do not interfere with the live lecture streaming and the end-user experience. Rather the lecture is captured on the backend at the servers of your service provider and is available for viewing immediately after the class is over.

Multi format learning content support

    An arena where you can upload videos, documents, presentations, images, embed external video and web links, and make the students visualize the existence of the subject. Structure your learning content in multiple modules and combine multiple types of content within each topic!

Online School

Online Digital Virtual Classes

Sessions and Schedules

    Create a schedule and get alarmed if your ward doesn’t participate in it on time. Add up regular sessions, organize webinars, run your students the way you want to gear up your syllabus. Means, the bells will be the same and only the location will shift from school bell to mobile ring! Great man!!


    Who said studies can’t be fun? We’ve polls and quizzes options which teacher can send during on-going classes to gaze the liveliness of the students. View analysis and graphs in class, get several examples of it from Youtube during the class. Get involved with the whiteboard activity. No, not to rub the board but to explain your doubts to the teachers! View detailed question-level analysis of student performance on each question. Get on the spot answer for the poll questions with the percentage comparative analysis.

Virtual Classroom

Easy to use learning management system


    Assignments are no more limited to drawing on sheets! It’s the era of digital drawings and creativity Got a teamwork assignment? Go to the breakout room, Chill with your people and build up your task. Virtually. Easily. Support for both objective and subjective type questions in online assignments and assessments.


    Support for both objective and subjective type questions in online assignments and assessments. Include different questions types in your assessments. Support for adding attachments in answers to subjective type questions that can be viewed and manually evaluated by the evaluator. Ability to handle multilingual questions. Multiple configuration options for assessments including negative marking, timed submissions, question shuffling, question banks, full-screen mode, submission due date, etc. View analysis and graphs on class and student performance including comparative performance. View detailed question-level analysis of student performance on each question. Support for uploading marks for tests and exams conducted offline. Amazing in-built proctoring feature.

Our easy-to-use LMS

Online video Classes


    Mark attendance online via any smart device in class or after class. Enable automatic and immediate notification to parents on absent students. View attendance analysis at student, class, and institution level. Technology is smarter than anybody else. Your child cannot leave the class just after the attendance. If he/she does, parents will be notified right away.

Online Digital Virtual Classes

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