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To the classroom and beyond

  • Create your own white-labelled virtual university platform to provide an online and blended learning platform to your users.

  • Access high quality content from multiple global partners from within your virtual university

  • Collaborate with other organizations to consume and offer courses across organization boundaries

Online video Classes

Top Learning Management

Cloud Based

  • Anytime Anywhere Access.

  • No technical infrastructure or maintenance required on client side.

  • High scalability.

Communication and Collaboration

  • Faculty can post updates and announcements to their students.

  • Students can initiate and engage in discussions with fellow students.

  • Students can raise queries and doubts to faculty.

  • Consolidated social media style news feed with updates and discussions across all subscribed courses, subjects and groups.


Online Education

Multiple Learning Modes

  • Online / Self-Paced Learning.

  • Instructor Led Learning.

  • Blended Learning / Flipped Classroom.

Reporting & Analytics

  • Student, Course and Institution level reports.

  • Graphical and analytical reports.

  • Excel reports that can be download for further analysis.

  • Custom reports with ability to configure your own fields and filters and generate reports.

LMS for Schools

LMS for College

Multi-Source Content (B2B Integration)

  • Option to access online and blended courses across multiple disciplines offered by multiple learning partners.

Academic Administration (Fees and Part communication)

  • Create and track multiple fees payments.

  • Upload fee dues and fee payment details.

  • View pending dues at student and institution level.

  • Create multiple groups for importance communications.

  • Send notifications to individual students/parents.

Online School

Online Digital Virtual Classes

Integrated web conferencing

  • Conduct remote virtual classes through integrated web conferencing tool

  • Interactive Whiteboard

  • Breakout rooms

  • Link or integrate external conferencing tools like Zoom, Google meet, etc.


  • Support for both objective and subjective type questions in online assignments and assessments

  • Include different questions types in your assessments

  • Support for adding attachments in answers to subjective type questions that can be

  • viewed and manually evaluated by the evaluator

  • Ability to handle multilingual questions

  • Multiple configuration options for assessments including negative marking, timed submissions, question shuffling, question banks, full screen mode, submission due date, etc.

  • View analysis and graphs on class and student performance including comparative performance

  • View detailed question level analysis of student performance on each questions

  • Support for uploading marks for tests and exams conducted offline

  • Amazing in-built proctoring feature.

Virtual Classroom

Easy to use learning management system


  • Create online assessment for the batch

  • Enable proctoring feature

  • Video and Audio proctor student activity

  • Check students screen during the test

  • Get automated student score on proctoring parameters (Audio, Video, background noise, etc.)

Feedback, Polls and Surveys

  • Create polls for getting student opinion on a particular point

  • Conduct surveys to gather student information

  • Conduct feedback surveys to allow students to rate various parameters

Our easy-to-use LMS

Online video Classes

Sessions and Schedules

  • Create sessions based on class schedule

  • Share notes for each session


  • Mark attendance online via any smart device in class or after class

  • Enable automatic and immediate notification to parents on absent students

  • View attendance analysis at student, class and insttution level

Top Learning Management


Supercharged documents and videos

  • AI engine processes documents and automatically suggests highly relevant videos from the web for the content you are reading on the page enabling users to gain a better understanding of the topic

  • AI engine processes videos and automatically creates a table of contents and a cloud phrase of key concepts covered in the video allowing users to directly jump to the relevant portions of the video

Learning Trails

  • Offer learning or career tracks by combining multiple courses to achieve the desired outcome

  • Seamlessly combine content from multiple partners, and your own internally generated content, to create your own customized learning trails

Online Education

LMS for Schools

Multi format learning content support

  • Upload videos, documents, presentatations, images

  • Embed external video and web links

  • Structure your learning content in multiple modules and topics

  • Combine multiple types of contents within each topic

Knowledge Channels and Interest Groups

  • Create multiple interest groups for faculty and students to participate in

  • Create knowledge channels in various areas for posting feeds that students can subscribe to

LMS for College

Online School

Notification Management

  • Create multiple groups for importance communications

  • Send notifications to individual students/parents

  • Send notficatons via email and sms

High Configurability

  • Support for enabling or disabling features at each course or subject level based on the need for that particular course or subject

  • Allows for easier and phased implementation with some features being enabled first and more features being enabled over time

  • Configure access to course material and assessments at batch or section level

  • Upload data in bulk via multiple excel templates

Online Digital Virtual Classes

Online Digital Virtual Classes

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